The Saga

Map of Erinia
Erinia is a new continent settled by adventurers and merchants fleeing the persecution of tyrants in Mesantia, the Old Continent, nearly five hundred years ago. The land is vast with mountains, farmlands, plains, rivers, and great forests, but even with all of the abundant resources Erinia has to offer there is still constant conflict.

Magic has long been sought after by those that crave power, and the destruction that magic can produce has devastated the land. Demons and the dead terrorize innocent villagers, and yet, the people of Erinia are divided. Vengeful fanatics race to the banner of the sorcerer-king, Ferral, to revive an old religion and destroy any non-believers.

Only a handful of survivors remain to resist Ferral and his magic, but they must first overcome their own differences. Kristian is a young, self-centered prince that has no understanding of love, sacrifice, or honor. Mikhal is a cavalier that must put his duty to the new king above all else. Allisia must escape Ferral on her own and unite the people through her faith. And Cairn, must decide between revenge and letting the past go.

The Erinia Saga is a journey through lands and times that are much like our own. There is constant strife, fear, and war. But there is also faith, hope, courage, and honor.

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