Reviews: Ferral’s Deathmarch Army

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Intense beginning, intiguing ending, January 3, 2011
By Marilyn (Leesburg, IN)

The first chapter of Ferral’s Deathmarch Army was so intense that I was concerned the rest of the book might be lacking in suspense, but the author held the intensity clear to the end of the book. I love the way the characters are evolving and learning to band together. The close attention to details gives the reader a clear picture of the lands and the battles fought. I couldn’t wait until I got to the end of the book to see what was happening but now I can’t wait for the next book in the Erinia Series to be written to see where the author takes his courageous characters. If you love a good book that deals with good and evil and is full of suspense, then you need to read the Erinia Series.

4.0 out of 5 stars Ferra’ls Death March Army, February 14, 2011
By S. D. Bunch

Prince Kristian’s Honor was a good book but Ferral’s Death March Army, the second book of the Erina Saga, holds you captive from the first few pages to the last page. The characters become real as you turn the pages and read how they interactive with each other despite their different and often conflicting personalities; Prince Kristian learning his shortcomings in his quest to save his beloved Allisia, Cairn haunted by his true-love Julia, and Mikhal `s connection to the Demon.

How and when will these people ever defeat the evil -sorcerer king Ferral and his army? The Erina Saga is telling us this adventurous story in Prince Kristian’s Honor and Ferral’s Death March Army. Both books leave you anxiously awaiting book 3.

5.0 out of 5 stars Tod Langley does it again with another great read., January 16, 2011
By Jennifer R. Langley

Tod Langley does it again with the second book in his series of the Erinia Saga. Suspenseful, intriguing, twisting … his characters pull you into their lives and you feel like you are on the battlefront fighting in the war of good vs. evil. He crafts such beautiful imagery of ancient lands and people long forgotten, it reminds me of the movie Avatar and how I first felt when meeting the Na’vi. Will they ever find Allisia? Why is Cairn still haunted by the voice of his beloved Julia? Why does the demon seem so connected to Mikhal? What are the ancient people of Atlunam not telling Prince Kristian in this race to destroy the evil-sorcerer king Ferral? How will they defeat the army of the dead? So many questions to be answered. Langley tells a captivating story that if you are a fan of epic fantasy adventure you simply must check this out to see how it ends.

5.0 out of 5 stars Book Two In A Fantasy Triology, November 24, 2011
By Sandra Kirkland (High Point, North Carolina United States)

In Prince Kristian’s Honor, Tod Langley gave readers the opening book of an exciting new fantasy series, the Erinia Saga. Ferral’s Deathmarch Army is the second book in the series and lives up to the promise of the first book.

As the book opens, Kristian’s army has been defeated and he and only two comrades have survived the battle. His fiance, Allisia has been captured by the evil sorcerer-king, Ferrell, who swears to make her his own, but only after torturing her to force her to comply. Kristian flees to regroup, but what is left to do? Who can supply the men and arms to help him?

Ferrell has raised an army the like of which has never been seen. His evil powers have allowed him to reanimate the dead and his army is composed of dead men, women, and children. The dead feel no pain. They need no supplies. They never stop fighting; if hit, they rise again. There is no sophistication in their fighting; it is all brute force, but brute force wins when it is overwhelming in numbers and determination to never stop.

As Kristin and Mikhal flee to regroup, they are joined by several individuals representing two warring tribes. Although the tribes are sworn enemies, having fought ruthlessly for a thousand years, there are those in each tribe that recognize that Ferral is their common enemy and if he is not defeated, no one will exist in any land. Kristin is also joined by Cairn, a mysterious swordsman who travels the land, taking revenge for the deaths of his family and love. Can this ragtag group hope to defeat the powerful Ferral before he destroys anything?

Fantasy readers will be well-advised to read this second book in the Erinia Saga. Kristin has matured since the first book, and there are interesting back stories and threads that Langley skillfully weaves together to move his story forward. The pacing is excellent, and the reader finds themselves quickly reimmersed in the saga. This book is recommended for fantasy readers.

4.0 out of 5 stars When Soldiers Write Great Fantasy, November 8, 2011
By Ernie Laurence, Jr. (Austin, TX United States)

Tod Langley has done a wonderful job with his second book in the Erinia Saga. As an active soldier serving America over in the hot spots of the the middle east, he has captured the horrors of war and fanaticism and turned them into a dark fantasy that grabs you in the opening chapter and does not let go.

In Prince Kristian’s Honor we met the whiny, spoiled prince Kristian and watched him blunder around with his ego and a shallow sense of honor as he attempted to rescue his betrothed princess from King Ferral. He utterly failed.

Now, in Ferral’s Death March Army, Tod begins to expand his world introducing us to new nations, new characters, and more history. Kristian has grown from a character I hated to someone who has had his being stripped to the bear essentials and exposed to the harsh realities of who he had been and what evil is truly capable of. He is growing fast and is gaining true honor as he seeks a way to not only rescue his betrothed but save the remnants of his own decimated kingdom.

More is revealed about other strong characters such is Mikhal, Cairn, and the demon. As Ferral’s powers grow, he becomes less a foppish backstabber with delusions of grandeur and becomes a more sinister villain who is a true danger to Kristian and the others.

I definitely recommend this to those who love dark fantasies or reading books that involve war and politics.

Ernie Laurence Jr – Author of the Islands of Loar: Sundered

4.0 out of 5 stars A Good Continuation of a Great Story, August 9, 2011
By D A Lawson (Kentucky, USA)

FERRAL’S DEATHMARCH ARMY is the gripping continuation of Tod Langley’s ERINIA SAGA. Like the first book in the series, PRINCE KRISTIAN’S HONOR, the second story will appeal to fans of many different genres.

I was drawn back into this tale of fantasy from the first paragraph. The exceptional character and story development make this another page turner. I was captivated through its entirety, up to and including the climactic final scene.

A great deal of imagination has gone into these stories. I look forward to Langley’s final work in this trilogy.

D. A. Lawson, author of ALWAYS

5.0 out of 5 stars This book made me go 😀 x’s 2!, June 9, 2011

I don’t think the second book could have been written any better. It was a really great read. I couldn’t put it down. And again, I also read this one during class instead of reading Shakespeare. It was just so much better. The events in the book are getting really exciting and I’m so pumped for the third one! I have a love hate relationship with how the second one ended because it was a cliff hanger and I didn’t have a third book to jump right into and find out what happens next. All in all, this book was written very well. I enjoyed it a lot.

4.0 out of 5 stars Ferrell’s Deathmarch Army better that Price Kristian’s Honor, May 7, 2011
By A. Wales (Indiana)

If you liked Prince Kristian’s Honor, then you will love Ferrell’s Deathmarch Army. The author continues the series with great suspense as you read through the chapters to see if Prince Kristian will discover a way to save his beloved Allissa or be captured by Ferrell’s treachery. The story evolves with developing the characters and how their past connects them. The author builds suspense as he tells the story of why the Attlumn and Holtsman are at war with each other for centuries. How will this all lead back to Prince Kristian… I can’t wait for the next book.

3.0 out of 5 stars a good second installment, April 2, 2011
By K. Flickinger

This is a good follow-up to the first book in the series, following the trials of Prince Kristian as he struggles to save his land and his people from Ferral and his army of undead.

The thing I like most about this second book is the fleshing out of the character of the demon. While she/it appears in the first book, in this second book, we start to see that there is much more to her story. Rather than simply a shallow “minion” to do Ferral’s bidding, we see the torment that created the creature and the passion that allows it to carry out atrocities. So we see that such great passion can go both directions–for good or evil. I think this is a great touch, and definitely a different direction from other books of this genre that I have read. And it seems clear that there will be more to the story in the next book.

The plot remains suspenseful and compelling. I anxiously awaited the publishing of this second book, and now I anxiously await the next one.

5.0 out of 5 stars Another good book, February 18, 2011
By Boilermaker “Just the average dude” (Indiana)

I’ve now read this book twice. The story is interesting and has a good mix of suspense and action.

The characters are also interesting and you find yourself wanting to read to learn more about them.

A great follow-up to the first book.

I’m ready for the next one!